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Cocktail Menu


Diced tomato, spanish onion and feta cheese with julienne basil on a toasted croute

Dips and crudities

Assortment of dips with celery, carrot, capsicum and cucumber batons

Assorted sushi with light soy dipping sauce

Assorted sushi with chicken and avocado, capsicum, cucumber and carrot

Smoked salmon Mousse

Smoked salmon mixed with cream cheese, dill & capers,served in a crispy filo tart case

Thai beef salad

Asian style crispy julienne salad, with sauteed beef strips, Thai dressing & served on an Asian spoon

Duck and mango cold rolls

Finely sliced bbq duck and mango in a cold roll with asian dipping sauce

Roast beef, caramelised onion, with cheese & chives

Roasted and sliced beef, served on a crispy crouton with cheese & chive paste & caramelised onion

Chicken, corriander and almond

Chicken, corrainder and almonds mixed with a creamy aioli & served in a savoury pastry tart

Zucchini & sweet potato frittata with roasted red pepper

Zucchini & sweet potato frittata with roasted red pepper slivers and chives

Confit duck and pear chutney tart

Slow cooked confit duck, served with pear chutney in a shortcrust pastry tart shell

Roasted pumpkin, caramelised onion and feta tart

Roasted pumpkin, sweet caramelised onion and persian feta in a shortcurst pastry tart shell

Spinach and feta filos

Sauteed spinach and feta cheese in a filo pastry triangle

Salt and pepper calamari with lime aioli

calamari lightly coated in a spice cornflour mix, fried and served with lime aioli

Beef Empenadas

A mixture of beef mince, capsicum, tomato & olives encased in pastry & fried

Mini sausage rolls

Naomi's secret sausage roll recipe that everyone is raving about

Tempura vegetables with tomato relish

Capsicum, zucchini, eggplant, mushrooms , beans & brocolli, dipped in a light tempura batter & fried. Served with tomato relish

Salami, pesto and bocconcini pizettes

Mini pizzas with salami, basil pesto and bocconcini cheese

Chicken satay skewers with satay dipping sauce

Grilled chicken tenderloins with a peanut satay dipping sauce

Chilli & garlic Prawn skewers

Prawn cutlets marinated in garlic & sweet chilli, skewered & panfried with butter

Beef yakitori skewers

diced beef, marinated in soy sauce, ginger, chilli, garlic & honey and skewered

Honey and mint lamb skewers with tzatziki

Diced lamb marinated in honey and mint on a skewer with a yoghurt and cucumber dipping sauce

Cheesy, Italian style arancini balls

Homemade Italian style cheesy arancini balls with a hint of white truffle oil

Mini tortillas with chorizo, tomato, cucumber & avocado salsa with tzatziki

Crispy tortillas with chorizo sausage, tomato, cucumber & avocado salsa & tzatziki

Panko crumbed Barramundi with tartare

Barramundi goujons, crumbed in Japanese bread crumbs, fried & served with homemade tartare

Pork sliders with chilli jam

Pulled slow cooked pork on a slider bun with Asian slaw & chilli jam

Korma curry with rice & pappadum

A mildly spicy traditional Indian curry, served with steamed rice & pappadum. Choose from beef or chicken

Moroccan chicken balls

A blend of chicken mince & Moroccan spices, rolled in a ball & oven baked

Mini quiche

Choose from sweet caramelised onion & bacon, or goat's cheese & sundried tomato

Chocolate hazelnut tart

Sweet pastry tart case filled with rich chocolate& hazelnut ganache with toasted hazelnuts

Banana caramel cream tarts

Sweet pastry tarts filled with fresh banana, rich caramel and whipped cream, grated chocolate and crunchy banana chip

Gourmet mini pies

Choose from beef & stout, vegetarian cheddar, cauli & wasabi, or chicken cordon bleu

Lemon meringue tarts

Sweet pasrty tart case filled with a tangy lemon baked curd topped with meringue

Chocolate dipped strawberries

Fresh strawberries dipped in dark or white chocolate

Custard and fruit tarts

Sweet pastry tart case filled with vanilla custard and topped with sliced fresh fruit

Seasonal fruit skewers

Seasonal fruit largely diced and skewered

Naomi's secret lemon curd tarts

Rich & velvety, tangy lemon curd, in a sweet pastry tart

Chocolate mousse with raspberry cream

Light & fluffy, melt in your mouth, rich chocolate mousse served with raspberry cream

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